A ǰašan Ritual (Mumbai 2011)

A ğašan Ritual by 300 Priests (Mumbai 2011), Photo by Kainaz Amaria

This website is meant as a comprehensive platform to provide both research and popular articles on the Zoroastrianism and Zoroastrian Studies as well as Old and Middle (Indo-)Iranian topics.

On this website you will find also information and notes about historical, religious, cultural and intellectual traditions of the of mainly pre- and early Islamic Iranian and Persianate World as well as their neighbour cultures.

Different working bibliographies will also be added gradually to the site. Two of them are for the moment availabe: Darī Bibliography for Zoroastrian dialectology as well as Bibliographica Judæo-Persica for Judæo-Persian studies.

This site is the personal homepage of Shervin Farridnejad. Hier you find more about me and my research interests as well as my curriculum vitæ and a list of my publications.

One thought on “Home

  1. khash o kheir
    I am Janet Kestenberg Amighi and was very pleased to just find your web site. I recognized your name since I have just cited your article on Manekji and the cow sacrifice for my forthcoming book on the social history of Zoroastrians. I wanted to thank you for creating this web site. It is a valuable resource.


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